Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Pasties in the Blues Room

We've gotten a rather pathetic start to blogging -- four months since our last post! Well, Evrim Icoz wasn't the only kick-ass lindy hopper photographer to take pictures of our performance at Portland's lindy exchange in May. Dennis Goetz ( also took a bunch of great pictures. Check them out:

This is my new favorite picture of us performing. What's "Minix" doing there? He's twirling my glove, of course!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

2009 Portland Lindy Exchange -- Pasties in the Blues Room

One of the great benefits of both burlesque and swing dancing is professional photographers who want to take your picture for fun. This past weekend was the Portland Lindy Exchange. Both of the professional photographers we are lucky to have in our swing dance scene wanted to take pictures of our routine we performed on Saturday night. Evrim Icoz caught some great shots, and I'm posting them today. Evrim also took the shots we've used in our blog header. More of Evrim's work and information about hiring him can be found at

These first two were taken right after Greg tossed my sweater behind him -- you can make out the sweater in mid-air in the first one, although it blends in a bit with the curtain, and then in the next one, the sweater is on the floor.

Where the heck was Evrim to catch these overhead shots? Climbing the walls apparently:

This one is really fun for me. What a treat to be making our peers laugh. We were performing for other swing dancers, very talented swing dancers:

These next two, so suggestive! I love it!

Again, my favorite part of this shot is seeing our friends' reaction:

And last, but certainly not least, we asked Joshua to be our "pick-up artist." When I suggested he would be our "kitty" because that's what the girls who pick up our clothes when we perform with Burning Hearts Burlesque are called, he rejected that idea and asked if he could be our monkey. I wish I hadn't been behind the curtains putting my robe on over my pasties unaware that he was sliding across the floor to pick up my underthings. I think we may have to have him as our pick-up artist more often.