Photo by Deidra Gwyther
Miss Euphemia Fox and Mister Minix Mips, a.k.a. "Swingtease," are Portland-based performers combining vintage striptease and swing dancing. Avid swing dancers for over 10 years, they dance a variety of old-timey jazz dances, including lindy hop, balboa, Charleston, Collegiate shag, and blues. They’ve been smitten with burlesque for the past few years, figuring out how to take it off while leading and following their favorite swing dances. The result is an entertaining melding of two retro worlds – burlesque and swing dance – to which they like to add a bit of comedy as well.

Portland's swing dance sweetheart
     Miss Fox also performs solo. Sultry and sweet, most of her routines still embody the essence of Swingtease – combining authentic vintage jazz dance with burlesque, but she mixes it up a bit, too, with some belly dance and Jimi Hendrix here and there. An unusual name based on her similarly unusual given name, Euphemia is pronounced “You-fee-me-uh.”

In addition to performing in Seattle at the Pink Door and with Burning Hearts Burlesque, Swingtease has been on stages all around Portland and Vancouver including SinnSavvy Productions’ Savoir Faire at Hawthorne Theatre Lounge and Rosehip Revue at Barracuda, the Phoenix Variety Revue, the Royal Tease, Ellie Darling Presents, Biggler Productions’ Totally Debauchery and Dante’s Sideshow Speakeasy.